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Internet S.K.A.T.E. Poser Game

Message  maxim le Mer 10 Déc 2008 - 13:48

Un nouveau ptit concour de vidéo a été créé par la communauté du Forum Loaded Boards... C'est pas un truc fait par Loaded mais seulement soutenu là.

«Hello and Welcome,

1. Post this weeks trick- The trick for the week will go up every Friday and will also be released in the newsletter(hopefully). This will be done by the person receiving the most votes on the forum for the previous weeks trick. This week however theracoon will be posting the trick because he won the right to post it before any of this was decided, but after this there will be a poll. (i will explain the polling further down) Post the new trick to the loadedcommunity youtube account and a thread will be made for it in the video/pics section of the forum. All footage used in the game should be shot during the week the trick is being done. Please no stock footage.

2. Vote- Everyone playing has until Tuesday at midnight to post their video. Post your response on your own youtube account as a response to the original trick and then post the url of the video into the thread for that week as well. (if you do not link it to the thread it will not count) Wednesday morning there will be a poll, (i will create the poll) where everyone (not only those playing but anyone at all can vote) votes for the most version of the trick with the most style. (a side note on judging, please look at the quality of the trick and not the editing)

3. Declare a Winner- Wednesday at midnight the polling ends and the winner will be contacted. The winner is then responsible to produce next weeks trick video to be released on Friday. (if you are unable to complete a trick by then pm me and i will put one up for you). This video will be posted to the loadedcommunity youtube account. (contact me if you need the password to upload)

4. Scoring- This game will be scored like a normal game of S.K.A.T.E. except that you can continue to get letters after you have spelled "skate" (for example, S.K.A.T.E.I.S.A.FU.N.G.A.M.E.). I will be keeping score.

If there is anything i missed or if you have a suggestion please pm me.

Here is the roster, these are the people i have currently playing (pm me to be added to this list)

S.K.A.T.E. Roster »



have fun à faire ça dans la neige...
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