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Message  Yann le Ven 28 Sep 2007 - 11:42

Lisez ca, ca donne le goût! FREERIDE!!!!!!

COAST LONGBOARDING, "Colorado has the best hills I've ever imagined, much less skated. We started off hitting Rist Canyon Road which is absolutely gnar on the way up it, it's got offcamber hairpins into guardrails, gnarly straights, probably 15% into one hairpin and that leads all the way up to the backside of Rist which is where we were doing the high speed action... It's nearly straight but at 110+km/h it's like a gnarly crazy corner road that feels like you're falling. The speed is crazy past 100... At 110 it feels like it's breaking around you... Like you're actually damaging the air around you. I drafted a few people on it and it's crazy how dirty the air is behind even the best tucks at that speed. The next hills we skated were the most insane, gnar, stupid death roads I've ever imagined. Magnolia Road and Flagstaff are sooooo crazy that it's uncontrolled descent going down. Double hairpins that you don't even have time to footbrake into and traffic and road bikers... Magnolia I thought was unskateable on the way up... Just totally and completely not skateable... It feels about 15% on rough pavement blasting into sweepers that are too tight to make at 40 km/h but you're going 70km/h or more and sliding the whole way down. I hit about 100 pendys in 4 miles and that was the most amount of sliding I've done before on ANY road. I was doing double pendys for 100s of feet into sweepers. All in all, I don't think I'll ever skate a road like it again... I was close to death around ever corner, hitting slides into the dirt, almost sliding off Brent's Demonseed setup on my Smokeys and Moska wheels. I didn't crash once my whole time down there, but I deserved to on alot of occasions. Hitting 125 was rad as hell, just for the sheer speed of it, and the accomplishment of setting a speed that I may not break (hope not though). Estes Park, where the pictures of that huge mountain bomb and me in my leathers for the sunset was the highlight, I think. It cost 20 bucks to get in, but was worth every penny. It was fresh paved for the part I skated and it was miles upon miles of the best pavement at around 50mph, passing cars and hitting 100km/h later into smooooooth hairpins and killing it the whole way down. It's the highest paved road in the world and I was one stoked skater to get to ride it. I took some pictures with my board overlooking the bottom section of the road and then I had to steal the Coast sticker right off my board to slap it on the sign. There was no way I could leave the highest paved road in the world and NOT leave a Coast sticker. We were up at the highest point of the road, above the treeline where only rocks with lichen and a few grasses could survive... There were some Elk up top and I had loose some water so the posed Coast Picture with some pissing going on was neccesary with the Elk looking on and the gnarly gigantor mountains in the backround. Sick, Sick trip. I'm going next year and want Coast to come with me." Kevin "K-Rimes" Reimer

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