Sad news in speedboarding world

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Sad news in speedboarding world

Message  seb le Ven 15 Sep 2006 - 8:42

Sandy Kludy R.I.P

On 9/14/2006 Kludy Jr. wrote in from United States (

Yesterday was the hardest day the Kludy's have ever had. Today my mother passed away yesterday around 3:00 PM due to liver failure. Many of you knew my mother and how great of a person, mother, and wife she was. It is extremly hard to type about this right now and im not sure what else to say. Its still a shock and I am pretty upset. My father wanted me to type this out and share with all of you because you are all family and he felt that it needed to be shared. He probably wont be involved in speedboarding for a while becuase he has alot to deal with in our family. However, i am still planning on being in New Mexico in a week so ill see u all there.

mes sympathie à tout la famille Kuldy qui on ''speedboarding'' as middle name.

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Re: Sad news in speedboarding world

Message  Yann le Ven 15 Sep 2006 - 11:06

Archhh, pas facile! Courage!!!
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